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Colicky baby: How to prevent them and how to cure them?

Colic in the newborn are among the worst nightmares of the new parents. Let's see what they are and what signals we send our child, so we try to prevent them ... as in all things, prevention is better than cure!

Fortunately, after several years, he finally realized that colicky infants are not caused by what the mother eats. In fact, as the food they eat mom ferments in his stomach and not in the small, which then come only chemical molecules of nutrients in milk, it is impossible that both maternal nutrition causing these little pains infamous.

So mom MUST follow a varied diet while breastfeeding, without excluding any food since that is not what causes colic.



It would seem that the pains they feel the children are caused by lactose fermentation, ie sugar content in all types of milk (so no matter what you eat mom).


Colic babies always appear in the evening, then to prevent them, it is necessary to act during the day.

We must first remain calm: children perceive the discomfort and concern of adults, and if we are the first to be agitated, we can not expect them tranquilize. Coccoliamoli and then we make the environment as quiet and soft as possible.

The ideal is to have a massage on the belly of specific newborn several times a day, maybe every time you change the diaper. (Here are more techniques of infant massage or Baby Massage)

These techniques have their purpose is to help the intestinal transit, thus go to air and did their route so easy, unhindered and freeing the belly of the small, is to relax him, especially in the abdomen.
Repeat in the evening after the bath, relax even more so that your child will be ready for a nap.


How to cure them?
If no action is taken preventive or if despite this, the little evening shows also some discomfort, something can still be done.

Do not massage it now, because peggiorerete only the situation. Keeping calm, lay them face down on your forearm, making him put the head in the crook of your elbow; with the other hand, caress on the back and buttocks and walk swinging.

The most decisive that you can do though, is your little BRING IN BAND.
You know that in countries that traditionally bring their children (such as Africa), the small do not suffer from colic?

This is because in the end the kids are always lulled and then relaxed, either because they are always in contact with the mother, and what makes them produce endorphins (the so-called feel-good hormones).

So do not abuse drugs like Mylicon for example, because not only are not decisive, indeed have side effects.


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