A Zen's Dog Praying

SGIANT4U । a dog at southern japan trying to mimic his master, a zen monk, in southern japan temple.

A Zen's Dog Praying

The one and half year old chihuahua named conan as on the image above try to follow his master praying position by uniting its hand's palm in front of its face and maintain it.

His master said that it only took a few days for him to learn the motion. Tourists flock into the temple after these news was spread across the nation.

Now, his master tried to let the dog learn how to meditate but, of course not to put his leg crossing which is impossible, only sitting still while his master meditate.

Unique and Weird News, A Guy Found "Jenglot" and huge "Dagger" in Indonesia

 A guy in Binjai City, Indonesia found Jenglot, a deformed humanoid creature in Indonesia culture and mythology, a huge " Keris", an asymmetrical dagger with distinctive blade patterning achieved thorugh alterning lamination of iron and nickelious iron.

Unique and Weird News, A Guy Found "Jenglot" and huge "Dagger" in Indonesia

M. Azhari (48) found the jenglot along with other things in the backyard of his house.

the guy, who was also known as Ade, told that the "things" started to come up one by one since 8 months ago.One afternoon he was strolling around his Palm plantation, around 1 ha, around his house. At that time he was shocked to found a pair of "Jenglot" standing above the ground. He took the "Jenglot" home and keep it in a glass container (as shown in the picture).

Unique and Weird News, A Guy Found "Jenglot" and huge "Dagger" in Indonesia

He claimed that before encounter the pair of jenglot, he met a huge snake and it crawls near him. He used a bamboo stick to push the snake and run away.

A month after the jenglot encounter, he found a broken plate with dragon motif.

Threemonths after that he found a vest with arabian words, inside his bedroom when he woke up.
and He also claimed that around 3 week after the vest encounter, he suddenly found a pair of "Balam" bird, with golden fur around their neck. He kept the bird inside a bird cage.

Unique and Weird News, A Guy Found "Jenglot" and huge "Dagger" in Indonesia

At monday (25/1/2016) he was walking around his plantation and was suprised to find a "Keris", Javanese Dagger, around 170cm in length.A few days after he feel that somebody was thowring stones at his house and went out to check. But nothing happens. Upon returning to his house he found a jar and another "Keris" around 167cm in length.

Unique and Weird News, A Guy Found "Jenglot" and huge "Dagger" in Indonesia

He didnt feel anything before. Ade keep all the things and told his family about it. The local authorities are still unsure whether it was historical item or not. Right now, ade house was full with people coming to see all the unique item.

10 Interesting Facts About Blue Whales

Blue whales, also known as sulfur-bottom whales are the biggest animals that ever lived ' larger than even the largest dinosaur!
Here are some interesting facts about them:

1. Blue whales can grow up to 100 feet (equivalent to two city buses parked end to end!)
and can weigh close to 2,000 pounds. Biggest blue whale ever recorded was 110 feet.
2. Female whales are longer than the male ones.

3. A blue whale's heart alone weighs approximately 908 kg, as big as a small car. A human
can easily crawl through its arteries.
4. Its heartbeat can be detected from two miles away.

5. A blue whale's mouth can hold about 100 people.
6. Its tongue may weigh as much as an elephant.
7. Blue whales usually sleep in the middle of the day.
8. An adult blue whale can eat up to 4 tons of krill a day.

9. When a blue whale exhales, the spray from its blowhole is almost as tall as a three-
story building. ( 30 feet )
10. The life span of a blue whale is 80 to 90 years.

6 Masturbation Positions That Prove You Don't Need a Partner to Have a Good Time

SGIANT4U : Update Current Information | In 2014, BuzzFeed conducted a survey that found an estimated at 87 percent of women indulge in masturbation. No big shocker, there — we kinda already knew that most ladies are into the healthy activity, because, well, it's a damn good time.

6 Masturbation Positions That Prove You Don't Need a Partner to Have a Good Time

And not only is masturbation fun and convenient, it can actually perk up your sex life all around.

"Women who masturbate are more likely to have orgasms during partnered sex, and we believe that this finding is related to an increase in comfort and knowledge with regard to her body," says Jessica O'Reilly, Ph.D., author of The Little Book of Kink. "By experimenting with different positions, you can discover new pathways to orgasm and stave off the sexual ruts that arise due to repetition and monotony."

To that we say, "Giddy up." Here are some ways to get creative with your me time.

10 Unique health benefits of sex

SGIANT4U :: Update Current Information | A healthy sex life, defined loosely as "doing it" a couple of times or more per week (willingly and in good form, of course) has all sorts of interesting health benefits. So if you've been putting sex on the bottom of your to-do list, you may want to reconsider, if for no other than reason than it could save your life.

Unique health benefits of sex

Top 10 Health benefits of sex

1. Sex boosts immunity

We all have that friend or colleague who never gets sick -- not even a sniffle. Her secret could be sex. Having sex once or twice a week has been linked with higher levels of an antibody called immunoglobin A or, for short, IgA; that's the stuff that fights off colds and other infections. Deduction: Sex = better immune system. Of course, you could eat an apple a day instead… your choice.

2. Sex de-stresses

Stressed out? You could try yoga, a glass of wine, a cry fest on your shrink's couch or -- yes, a romp in the sack. That's right: Sex is a proven stress reliever. Although your blood pressure may shoot for the roof while in the act, maintaining a healthy sex life results in overall lower blood pressure and stress reduction.

3. Sex increases heart health

Although having a heart attack while in the act may make for great melodramatic film, the likelihood is slim to none. Sex is actually heart healthy. For men in particular, those who engage in sexual activity two or more times per week reduce their risk of heart attack compared to those who have sex less than once per month -- not that you had to ever convince a guy to do it.

4. Sex promotes happy sleep cycles

Ever wonder why your man nods off after you've just rocked his world?! It's because of a little chemical called oxytocin that's released during orgasm. While it's annoying that he drifts off into dreamland when you may be ready for a round two, your own sleep cycle will be blissful, too, because this chemical promotes healthier sleep. In turn, good sleep is associated with weight and blood pressure maintenance.

5. Sex is a natural pain killer

Oxytocin also increases endorphins and decreases pain, particularly that of headaches -- which means that your old backpocket headache excuse isn't going to cut it anymore. Further, a romp in the sack also accelerates the healing of wounds -- even stubborn sores such as those suffered by diabetics -- by regenerating certain cells, so consider sex an excellent prescriptive cure.

6. Sex can help you shed pounds

Say you have a few pounds to lose but can't bear the thought of abandoning your love affair with nachos. Sex may be an option! While it may not produce the same kind of weight loss or muscle toning as traditional cardio, you will burn 170 calories per hour -- about a pound after 21 hour-long sessions.

7. Sex strengthens your bond
Oxytocin is also known as the "love hormone" because it helps us build trust and bond with one other, so naturally, the more sex a couple has, the more intimacy is built. It also has been linked with a feeling of generosity, so you can thank oxytocin for that bouquet of flowers or breakfast in bed you recently got.

8. Sex makes you feel hot!

A core component of great sex is good self-esteem. And when your self-esteem is healthy and you have sex, your self image is boosted even higher. By allowing yourself to be uniquely and beautifully you, and appreciated for that, you wind up feeling wonderful and confident from the inside out.

9. Sex lowers cancer risk

We love our guys, so let's love their prostates, too, by letting them get off more often. Studies show that men in their 20s who ejaculate five or more times a week reduce their risk of getting prostate cancer by a third, whereas older men reporting 21 or more ejaculations per month lowered theirs. And for us gals, more sex has been shown to decrease risk of breast cancer.

10. Sex produces more sperm

In several studies, men who had frequent intercourse had higher volumes of semen, higher sperm counts and higher percentages of healthier sperm than men having less sex. And his good semen is good for you in that, when absorbed, it can combat depression, boost your energy and even aid in easier baby deliveries.

You Know, Florida teen makes matching prom dress for dog 'Sasha'

Sgiant4U :: Florida teen makes matching prom dress for dog 'Sasha' । A Florida teenager and her dog are a hit online after she used the leftover fabric from her prom dress to make a matching gown for the canine.

You Know, Florida teen makes matching prom dress for dog 'Sasha'

Brenda Sierra, 18, of Tampa, posted photos to Twitter showing her and her prom date, Rodney Sesler, posing with Sasha, a 7-year-old dog clad in a miniature version of Sierra's dress.

Sierra said she obtained the leftover fabric from her tailor and it took her about two hours to use a glue gun to make a miniature version of the gown.

"I'm a really big pet lover," she told InsideEdition.com. "I try to share every moment with her so I wanted to bring her with me to take pictures for prom. I wanted her to get dressed up and I had the extra fabric, so I made the dress for her."

Sierra said Sasha wasn't allowed to attend prom, but she was there in spirit -- and on the phone.

"During prom, everyone had already seen the pictures," Sierra said. "My Twitter was blowing up during prom, and then my mom would FaceTime me and put Sasha on the phone and I'm like, 'Mom, I can't talk right now, I'm at prom.'"

Sierra said she is next planning to make Sasha a miniature cap and gown for graduation.

Fenomena Alam Hujan Batu

Fenomena Alam Hujan Batu । Mungkin kita pernah mendengar fenomena alam hujan batu. Bagi sebagian orang fenomena ini memang agak aneh. Karena hujan biasanya berupa hujan air ataupun hujan pasir.

Fenomena Alam Hujan Batu

Sedangkan di luar negeri yang mempunyai musim dingin, ada juga jenis hujan lain yaitu hujan salju. Hujan batu memang agak aneh. Namun ini nyata dan pernah ada di dunia.

Banyak ilmuan yang masih meneliti mengenai fenomena alam hujan batu. Dari sekian ilmuan, ada yang menyimpulkan bahwa hujan batu adalah akibat dari sapuan angin yang sangat kencang.

Angin tersebut menyapun apapun yang ada pada alam seperti pasir dan batu-batuan kecil. Kemudian menerbangkannya ke udara dan kembali lagi jatuh ke tanah karena efek dari gravitasi. Hal inilah yang menyebabkan batu-batu kecil seperti jatuh dari langit dan menimpa apapun.

Namun pendapat ini masih dipertanyakan. Karena ada di sebagian belahan bumi lain yang mengalami hujan batu hingga bisa menghancurkan rumah atau bangunan apapun bahkan bisa membunuh manusia dan hewan.

Hal inilah yang menyebabkan para ilmuan meneliti lebih lanjut mengenai hujan batu yang lebih ekstrim ini.

Dari penelitian tersebut didapatkan hasil sementara bahwa fenomena alam hujan batu terjadi karena beberapa meteor atau benda langit yang hendak memasuki bumi tapi telah hancur oleh atmosfer.

Atmosfer menghancurkan benda langit yang berbahaya tersebut. Sehingga hanya tinggal serpihan-serpihan batu kecil yang akhirnya jatuh ke bumi karena tarikan gaya gravitasi.

Contoh hujan batu yang paling legendari ada di kota Harrisonville, Ohio, Amerika Serikat yang terjadi pada 13 oktober 1901. Ditengah cuaca yang sedang cerah, mendadak datanglah hujan batu yang tidak diketahui darimana asalnya.

Batu-batuan kecil hingga besar datang menerjang pintu dan jendela hingga masuk ke dalam rumah. Hujan ini tidak hanya terjadi satu hari saja. Tapi pada beberapa hari seterusnya tetap terjadi dengan intensitas yang lebih besar.

Tak hanya di Amerika, di Indonesia juga pernah terjadi di Sumatra pada tahun 1903. Hanya selang 2 tahun dari kejadian di Amerika. Selain itu, hujan batu juga pernah terjadi di Belgia, Perancis, Australia, Selandia baru, New York, Dan Arizona. Yang terbaru terjadi di kota Sisilia Italia pada 23 November 2013.

Meskipun hujan batu telah terjadi berulang kali, namun sampai sekarang fenomena alam hujan batu masih belum bisa dijelaskan secara ilmiah dengan pasti.

Maka dari itu tak heran jika banyak orang yang mengaitkannya pada fenomena gaib. Fenomena yang tidak bisa diterima dengan akal manusia.

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