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10 Interesting Facts About Blue Whales

Blue whales, also known as sulfur-bottom whales are the biggest animals that ever lived ' larger than even the largest dinosaur!
Here are some interesting facts about them:

1. Blue whales can grow up to 100 feet (equivalent to two city buses parked end to end!)
and can weigh close to 2,000 pounds. Biggest blue whale ever recorded was 110 feet.
2. Female whales are longer than the male ones.

3. A blue whale's heart alone weighs approximately 908 kg, as big as a small car. A human
can easily crawl through its arteries.
4. Its heartbeat can be detected from two miles away.

5. A blue whale's mouth can hold about 100 people.
6. Its tongue may weigh as much as an elephant.
7. Blue whales usually sleep in the middle of the day.
8. An adult blue whale can eat up to 4 tons of krill a day.

9. When a blue whale exhales, the spray from its blowhole is almost as tall as a three-
story building. ( 30 feet )
10. The life span of a blue whale is 80 to 90 years.


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