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Goat Twins Without Legs!

Parjiyo 45 Years old, villagers Srihardono, Pundong District, Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, do not expect the maintenance of goats gave birth to twins without legs.

Both kid-sexes male and female was born on Friday (7/15/2011) ago. At that time, Parjiyo just returned from the field and was about to feed the goats in the barn beside his house.

Goat Twins Without Legs!

Arriving in the goat pen, he was surprised that the kid is born no legs. "I raise goats since five years ago and had twice the oddity of this happening. The first two children of the tail, one has no legs. Now both of them do not even have legs," said Parjiyo.

Furthermore, Parjiyo explains, stem from bringing goats goat's Church Patalan, earth earthquake relief in May 2006. At first he only kept two tails, is now bred into six tails.

Responding to the strangeness of this, had no inkling Parjiyo admitted anything because of pregnancy the mother goat was also normal. For him, this event is considered as an oddity.

Now, the magic, it makes a lot of residents in local villages to be surprised and flocked to witness this strange goat. Because the parent does not want to breastfeed, were forced to use a pacifier for breastfeeding Parjiyo two goat kids.

It has been five days he buys fresh milk from dairy farms, not far from his home. Although slightly disappointed, Parjiyo intend to continue to nurture the kid without legs can.

If someone wants to buy it, then he would give that up. "Actually I was disappointed because it had trouble maintaining and give us to eat, how birth defects such as this," said Parjiyo.


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