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Come Ridurre Lo Stomaco Entro 30 Giorni

Come Ridurre Lo Stomaco Entro 30 Giorni - The first way to reduce the stomach is to improve your posture. Often it seems bloated stomach because we sit, we find, or do not walk upright. Stand by leaning against the wall and look at yourself in the mirror. Fasten your posture and attention, as proof of the ear parallel to the shoulders, chest wide open and swollen, and the weight is distributed proportionally on both legs. This position will stimulate the stomach to naturally attracted to the ideal location and improve your appearance.

How to reduce the stomach followed was a combination of exercise and diet. This exercise involves the whole body, not just the stomach, and even cardiovascular. Pilates and yoga exercise an option for this order. Pilates makes your stomach, such as the operation core, but the movement also involves other body parts such as arms, legs, back, and the lower part of the body. Slow and continuous movements yoga also helps tighten and maintain the flexibility of the abdominal muscles and muscles of the body.


The diet also affects the effort to reduce the stomach. Adjust your diet with a diet low in calories. This diet means that you reduce or change the type of carbohydrate intake. The body still needs calories to move. Therefore, in order to regulate the carbohydrate intake of complex carbohydrates and fiber found in many rice, oatmeal and whole grains.

Efforts to reduce the stomach takes place continuously in a long time. Therefore, set your goal in a few months to get a flat stomach is desirable. On the other hand, genetic factors play a role


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