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Therapeutic Abortion.

This is a difficult post, I do not know what will happen after that I wrote.

Are days that I think, let's see how it goes.
I'm beginning to think that pregnancy, medicalized as is today, is much more difficult and demanding of time.

Now they do tests on tests to make sure the baby is healthy.
Legitimate, you say: very certain, I answer, if the vision with which you make these assessments is "saving", not "destructive".
I'll explain.

Once pregnancy was shrouded in mystery. It was not a disease but a transitory situation, after which a child was born.

The baby was welcomed and saw the light in the arms of their parents: sometimes, in their arms also died. The pain was great, immense, but nature could not allow that too.

The death took place with dignity and respect, in a climate of sorrow but of love. Now, for the parents, it's more difficult. Ultrasound scans, examinations, they know accurately say more or less absolute, how is your son.

Not only. The law and medicine, let you decide what to do if your child is not more than perfect.
You load of responsibility, so atrocious, to decide whether to stop in advance the existence of the child, in the name of a quality of life that, in reality, you are not given to know.

And you, the parent, do you also do well to abort your child ....
that it also loses the right that every person has, to die with dignity in the arms of those who love him and you take off,, you parent the right to see him be born and accompany him to death with all the mourning that follows , devoid of guilt that in anyway you have to abortion "therapeutic".

It makes me smile bitterly this definition. Therapeutic means that care, curative.
But what care a therapeutic abortion? only the fear of parents, their boundless and unfathomable pain, their loneliness, because the baby is aborted, certainly not cured.

We should find, in a situation like that of a pregnant with child incompatible with life, an accompanying therapy, therapeutic welcome, support for parents and son, therapeutic. even just for the therapy of pain.
Fortunately, we are moving in this direction, there are associations that carry this even further and help exists therapy of hospitality.

But I'm not crazy, tests during pregnancy are made, although not harmful to the unborn child, but always thinking positive: I do this to help my son.

And the solutions are endless, I assure you, now the fetuses are still operated in the belly of the mother .....
a bit 'of time, then, the controversy has erupted that fewer and fewer abortion doctors, why women are not "guaranteed" in their "right" to abortion.

Of course, I say. Especially in the case of procured abortion in advanced gestational age, the doctor knows what he's doing, just because he sees it. It would be easy to tell what I know about how you practice a therapeutic abortion and how the child dies, but I find it useless and even cruel.
He dies alone. That's for sure.

It's not fair, even to parents, it's not fair that they have to decide, or to think they can do it in the name of freedom that is not likely, as affecting the freedom of others and is influenced by a mixture of fear, suffering and despair.

And then, attention.
Make blind and deaf our humanity before abortion is the cause then it will be euthanasia and infanticide.

A fetus is not a baby and nothing two minutes?
For some people, the distinction no longer applies, the consciousness becomes accustomed to consider the product of conception subject only to the intentions of the mother.
And the pain is too much? abortisco now, practical euthanasia tomorrow.
I became the master of life.

Sure, there are terrible cases where the mother's life is at serious risk if the pregnancy progresses.
So even the Church allows the mother to be cared for, although this may indirectly cause harm to the child.
It does not affect the right of the mother to heal, but does not allow the killing of the child directly, if only to give him a chance to be born.

It may be that I will seem cruel, not accepting the therapeutic abortion, but they are not.
I wish I could be close to those parents with poor prognosis and tell them: "Courage, accompanies your child in life and in death, and you will see that your grief will become love and strength."
Why not have regrets, because they never feel responsible, because remember the face of their baby, allowing them to mourn.

Forgive me if I can not convey my support and my sympathy as well as I would like, but trust me, it's not just that I want to protect your child, but you too.


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