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England - Gargoyle in Yorkshire

England was shock by a series of gargoyle shaped stone appeared in front of their house and businesses.
A string of gargoyles shaped stone turn up outside housed at northern county of yorkshire. The gargoyles mystery was solved when a local artist was named after them.

Billy johnson, the local artist, made them using stones and fossils he founded on the beach. Now the local artist has his own website for those who want to buy his craftsworks.
He carved a riddle at the back of the gargoyles that spells, "Twinkle twinkle like a star blaze less from afar?"

England - Gargoyle in Yorkshire

Twelve of the heads had been left in the villages of Goathland and Kilburn in north Yorkshire, four in Arthington in west Yorkshire, and three in Braithwell, south Yorkshire.
George griffits was one of the receiver and he tried to contact Billy through his website but get no reply from Billy only an automatic reply. The email he received said that Billy was out of the country for a few week without any phones, internet and television access.


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