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Online sales in Italy is a growing phenomenon, this guide will discuss the online sale by owners, whether you are interested in professional sales, we refer to Article open a store that describes the characteristics of professional sales.

The type of online sales in this guide is called private treaty. If you do not have a VAT, in Italy you can only make the occasional sale of its objects, for example, at home if you have an old grandfather clock, you can sell it to third parties without having to pay taxes to the state, of course we speak figures are not too high, up to a few thousand.

Online sales by owners becomes very useful when you are "novices" in the industry and want to test whether this works or not. Many in fact open a VAT, to make the sales professional, but then are forced to close because of lack of experience acquired.


In this case however, you can see if there is interest in the products you offer and in case of a positive finding, you can open the VAT and make the sales professional.

A highlight of the sale on line is thus the economy, we must not spend money for the paperwork, the only thing you need is a platform to showcase your products that will give a minimum visibility in the network.

In this regard, we refer to the guide to open an online store for free.

Once you have found a valuable platform for the online sale of your products, you should make a thorough investigation of your competitors, in order to provide your potential customers competitive prices.


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