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Believe it not with the title above?
Do not believe it?
I also do not believe it at first. But after experiencing the real learning, success or failure, it can also we believe in the words on the "I Can Change the World". how?? Yes to LEARN! Because the learning you can change the world, a world that is closest to you, the world views, thoughts, and your heart.
Try, now you think there are 3 teenagers who again sat on the edge of the lake, they wore glasses with different colors, namely green, blue, and black. The green glasses say "well this beautiful green lake .... "Blind you, why you say the blue lake green!" said the blue glasses. The last one, the sunglasses, with a puzzled face said, "You are how, exactly like this cloudy weather beautiful, you guys suck ...!".
Okay, why do they differ? Why some say the lake blue, green, even black? Yaps! Because they were wearing different glasses. They can be noisy to defend his opinion, and nothing is right. All because they see from a different lens (look at different ways).
So it is with learning. If we view learning with the wrong glasses, whether it be black, blue, red, or opaque, then we will have to learn a limited sense, for example, "learning is boring". "Learned a long time can damage the eye?".

And you can see from a different perspective, "physics is fun" said Mr. Yohannes Surya, "the math to make your life brighter," said Rino Christianto. If it means engrossed in mathematicsand physics to learn cool it.
Therefore, if you really want to learn intentions, start just by being aware of whether we look to learn already from many sides? Do we have the right to wear glasses to see the study?.
Not agree? If I say it seems you need to use the new glasses to see more sides of learning, so I can see to learn their true colors.
Hopefully with this article we can learn how much fun learning if we have a nice view of learning it.
Wait for my next article. :)

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