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Open your online store for free with Negos.it

This guide will try to give you advice on how to disentangle the net looking for online stores authoritative and reliable. For starters we should distinguish between sites that make direct sales of the product and portals that instead directing you to online stores.

An example of the first category is www.mediaworld.it where we can find products directly sought.
An example of the second category is instead www.shopping.com showing you the refined products under one or more criteria and provides the link that will take you to the shops online without having to be wandering in the network.

If you have never made a purchase online you must pay close attention to the site where you are accessing as scams are commonplace.

In this regard, we can give you some tips:

  • Pay close attention to the sites that offer a single mode of payment, especially if the mode is the postepay or bank transfer;
  • Check the location of the seller, perhaps by checking the website of the Yellow Pages;
  • Never put the credit card numbers on the seller's website, now all the online stores that accept payment by credit card will support the bank's site, then you insert data directly into the bank's website, checked in this regard that the connection is secure (the URL in the address bar should start with https: // rather than http: //);
  • Avoid making payments with high amounts, at least for the first purchase. After completing the transaction you will know if the seller is really serious, therefore you can buy with more confidence produced by the higher cost;
  • As in all things, prudence is never enough!

How to find the product you want and do some shopping online network

Often it happens to search a specific product but difficult to detect since it does not present in most of the shops online. In this case they come to help the search engines, for example www.google.it that represent the best way to search for a very specific product. These fact examine all the sites in the network so there are high chances to find the product you are looking for. In this way there is a considerable saving of time.

In case instead the product was very popular, it is advisable to look in the categories found in most online stores provided. These in fact are used to make product research more accessible and direct you directly to it.

In Italy a site that has recently taken root, and you should visit is www.negos.it where you can find hundreds of online stores divided by categories.

In the network you can still find many other stores, you simply have a little 'patience and search the web.

Happy surfing!


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