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The Epidemic Infidelity Are Women Good Causing Their Men Cheat?

Husbands stray. Bed-bouncing boyfriends. Broken trust. It is discovered. Trying not to get caught.

What is causing all this cheating? And who is to blame for most of today outbreak of cheating? And 'philandering men? The other women? Or the wives and girlfriends who unknowingly force their partners of cheating?

In the bedroom annals of today it is not exactly what you might think. The recent film Sex lot about self and hit the town have revealed a new understanding of how some women are unknowingly setting their men to cheat. Yet one wonders why those same © unsuspecting women are devastated and "mad as hell", when they discover that their men were sleeping with other women.

But cheating seem to happen naturally when a gallon disinterested not give her man enough sexual satisfaction? Exactly what changes in the relationship and the bedroom, turning things to honeymoon happiness to hear that dreaded "Not tonight, I have a headache" mantra?

The truth is that infidelity occurs when there is enough blame on both sides of the bed. A woman who is warm under the sheets, or even disinterested and dismissive, can not deny that most of his bedroom could be driving behaviors a loving husband in the arms of someone else otherwise. Perhaps permanently!

Wake up girls! Look at what is beginning the process of cheating.

First of all, most men just do not get a lot of women in their beds. Interviews across the country revealed that many women are sexually dissatisfied, frustrated and confused ... not by men, but by their lack of understanding about their bodies.

Unfortunately, most of us have learned about sex in the dressing room the seventh grade by our best friends, or, of course, in those classes of sex and adults in which filled us with fear that sex is carried to obtain a child or getting a disease. The message more or less: it's just that they should not do it!

We were certainly never taught much about the complexity of our body. We were never taught to look for pleasure or sexual satisfaction. There was certainly no mention of body parts right. Guys, we learned, had penises and vaginas girls had. As if that was the end of it. The assumption was that we would have to understand that once we got married, or at least in a committed relationship. Well, sadly enough, many women never did figure "" out. And as a result, many are missing out on the wonders of the great sex and can be inadvertently causing a lot of dissatisfaction and sexual male / female miscommunication going on out there.


This lack of understanding of their bodies has led many women to short change you in the sexual department. While women may be initially been willing sex partner with their peers, if they did not now how to bring them personal satisfaction, much less explain their needs to your partner, the end result could be one happy man (falling blissfully asleep right afterwards) and a less-than-smiling (and disappointed) woman.

Unfortunately, like Meg Ryan so well showed us years ago in When Harry Met Sally, a woman willingly fake his satisfaction well enough to leave any man of thought that is a stud, and believing that she will be excited to a repetition - when in fact many women can not wait to make love is over.

These women naturally bring out their men. Who wants to night after night of disappointment and acting? And if the disappointment is subtle or overt, people notice. And then pull away from their women.

Of course, for women who used sex as a means to capture a man, once hooked, turn cold in the department of gender, have only their fault if their men stop being interested and end up coming home late , more and more often, probably find comfort elsewhere.

But we must ask: are men in all those responsible for this whole puzzle?

Here are some interesting points:

  • The biggest thing that people do wrong is to assume that they understand women. The truth is that even if a man has sex with a fabulous girl, the next can be so different that all bets are off that his needs will be anywhere near the same.
  •  The differences between women are enormous. And assuming that they are all the same can be the kiss of death - even for a guy with good intentions that has long been in the studio the fairer sex.
  • Men and women need to re-education in sex, and should spend time learning the anatomy of each other ', desires, fantasies, feelings, and the complexity of what makes each of us tick.
  • Sites porn movies and sex (which are mostly written and directed by men) NOT educate anyone with precision. They are the basis of some of our myths of sex biggest and most harmful.
  • Research shows that boys think about sex in some way about every 52 seconds. Women do it about once a day. Another difference between the sexes!
  • Men want to feel validated as men, and sex helps them to do so. Women want to feel loved and needed and loved. And - surprise! - Making love helps them to feel that.
  • When things get out of whack in the bedroom, it is reflected much more in the rest of the report.
  • Not every couple needs a sex therapist. But every man and every woman needs to take steps towards a better understanding about the opposite sex and themselves.
  • As long as women do a better job of understanding their own bodies, their needs to their lovers, and embracing the fact that sex is a fabulous gift that we as human beings are blessed with - and not a task - our bedroom only issues continue. And so will cheat, divorce and anguish.


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