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Why Men Lie About Iinfidelity?

People use lie for many reasons, and often for their protection. This behavior can destroy the personality of someone and moral norms, and most importantly, this way is slippery due to the fact that people could lose their ability to distinguish the truth from the lie that told.

King of Lies

Dr. Higgins wrote in his book "My Fair Lady" on the quality of men are eternally noble, completely square and historically right. Your question is why women can not act more like men?

Since 1956, the men had to retreat to extend such virtues, especially since they turned lying into a form common in society today.

It was recently shown that men are about as a result of infidelity testing repressive during their childhood, and may of them continues to behave as before, assuming that they are someone they are not. So, when a deal is possible, in its way, a slight change in this "game" shows up and soon a Philander was born.

How to lie?

Although some men lie, why not have the courage to admit their actions and that they betrayed their partners or they are too afraid of the possible consequences, some lies cheating because does not want to ruin their reputation. Do not be sorry if this is your case, because © over time people change their behavior so that they can justify themselves.

This phenomenon is called cognitive dissonance and Dr. Leon Festinger studied, finding that occurs when a man forgets the limits that a relationship entails.

Selfishness can be a reason to lie, but also continuous infidelity considered normal behavior may be another reason. However, if children are involved, the husband will do his best to keep his image in his children the eye and even resort to more lies, if necessary.

As long as a man feels that his self-esteem is in danger, soon begins to lie, and even if some lies have a positive meaning that provides protection for people and also those around him, some lies are dangerous from the first moment they They appear on the surface and reveal the shortcomings of our society that is built on honesty and trust.

Sometimes, when an affair is discovered and has been discovered by others, man is ignored by those around him, an attitude that makes it, of course, to go along with his fraud. When lies are hidden for a long time and continually created, the situation may evolve into a confused tangle of manufacture and that will soon have her own life. Then, the truth is hard or too late to be revealed because the lies chain disappoint and hurt a lot of people.

In order to manage all this charade before it is out of your hands, you need to be alert and identify any changes in behavior, verbal or non-verbal behavior that could cause your partner to lie. His confession could falter or can share a vehement inability to tolerate the lie. Plus, the impossibility of contact with eyes or arms crossed when discussing shows that he could suffer from anxiety, a symptom of habitual lying.


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