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What no One Tells You to a Miscarriage

I decided to write this posts after having received several private messages from you readers (messages that have helped me to realize / understand me), whether as a result of your comments here on the blog, and - finally - after a brief search on the net.

Few are the information found on the web about it, despite the natural loss of pregnancy is a very common phenomenon, especially in the first few weeks (as they have amply demonstrated your comments solidarity ').

Only in some forums is the courage to speak openly about their experience of miscarriage, but the exchange and discussion remains, for us women, a very important time for the development of the thing and to understand what is happening to their bodies, that often continues to go on his own. Above all, while speaking in some blogs / forums of emotions revolving around such an experience, we do not talk enough of the physical details of the matter, for a respectable sense of modesty and intimacy 'staff.

Well, below you will find some information, given that every experience and 'different, so' as the reactions are different from woman to woman.

Macabre details, but that it's up to us':
  • the "fruit" can 'be expelled or remain within, but devoid of life (in some cases is ejected after a certain period, otherwise it uses a small intervention). 
  • before making a scraping doctors usually let through at least a couple of weeks, to give the chance to the hormones' to fall below a certain threshold and be assured that there are no cellular debris, which otherwise will be removed with surgery. 
  • the fall of the hormones can 'be sudden or very slow

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What you can expect during that period and 'this:
  • bleeding / hemorrhage strong, that can 'continue for a long time
  • abdominal pain (that you wonder when they will end)
  • pain in the lower back
  • infections
  • nausea, breast swelling, uterine pressure, increase in the volume of the abdomen and mood swings as if the pregnancy was continuing normally
  • empty feeling terrible (bereavement, physical and emotional)
  • confusional state very similar to depression, or PAS (Post Abortion Syndrome), noise not yet formalized by psychiatry but very common especially after the abortions, and common also to those spontaneous
The following:
  • The cycle usually returns after a month or more ', and as I understand it and' particularly painful (and also those siccessivi - this explains my mood today); it seems that the first cycle ends to "clean up" the uterus
  • risk of infections and bacterial aggression in the lower part
  • in subsequent cycles could transform from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde, with all due respect to those around you (cheaply in time, before you scaraventino the window!)
  • mourning and 'a complex stuff that might involve much of your emotional and practical life; do not neglect it, but treat it with care and attention, take the time you need and most importantly, if you feel you need it, talk to your doctor that you will know 'address to the right professionals.
Now, after this post a little 'trash me and' come today (the 'cause you've already' understood), add also the points that you think I have forgotten to list and your experiences in the comments, if you feel the public utility 'and if you think that the share is one of the strengths of women.


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