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Interesting Information on Bananas

Sgiant4u - Banana plants grow in the tropics and are therefore not subject to seasonal changes. For this reason the collection is possible throughout the year and, on the plantations, there are all the different stages of development of plants and fruits.

The new shoots take nine months to mature, until the umbrella check by the pseudo stem. After the fall of the bracts, under any set of petals begin to grow bananas. In a helmet average increase by up to 200 fruits with a total weight of 35 and 40 Kg.

Did you know that the banana plantations migrate?

Next to each adult banana leaves grow a plant youngest daughters, to shorten this time the next harvest. In this regard, it is necessary to pay attention to the distance and orientation with respect to the mother plant. Usually these are standards that are respected by almost all plants; this way you can control the spatial extent of the plantation but can migrate to a couple of centimeters in a very specific direction with each new generation.

But really what are the hands, clusters and fingers?

The head of the banana tree bearing is called "helmet". Immediately after harvesting, these large helmets are divided into so-called "hands". A helmet covers ca. 10-12 hands. For the packaging, these hands are further divided into a size of about 4-8 bananas. In technical language this amount of volume of bananas is called a "cluster" and the bananas themselves "fingers".

Interesting Information on Bananas
Interesting Information on Bananas

As with the collection of bananas?

Because of their long transport, bananas are harvested unripe (green). Along the way, the ripening process is slowed down due to cold storage and just before the sale are re-introduced in hot, that promote their maturation. Even the local population reaps the rewards preferably immature state and then had them ripen later.

To collect a bunch of bananas requires two workers. Also it is using a machete to bend the pseudo-stem; for optimal protection apply bearing foam between the "fingers". After the infructescence is resting on the shoulders and transported to the so-called "cable" (conveyor belt).

Why are bananas curved?

The inflorescence and subsequent infructescence the banana tree grows down. As for the flowers, open before the upper leaves. From each set of flowers develop so-called "hands of bananas". The bananas single of these hands finally grow downwards. Within a few days they turn to the outside to successively grow upwards, against the force of gravity (gravitropism). In this specific way bananas develop their characteristic curved shape.


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