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A Huge Number of Black Worms Appeared

A huge number of black worms looked like wire, was founded along a road at Xiling snow mountains, Sichuan Province.The report was filed by a tourist to local media. the official later announced that This type of worms are not dangerous.

Report said that this worm is small, black, thin, and slick as if black wire. This Species has a diameter of 3 mm and length around 20 cm to 50 cm.
when it crawls, its back was raised up like snake. This worm was named by local as "Horse hair worm". Every year, this species wander around the mountain from Mei to October.
Mei to June was the peak when most worm will be seen wandering around this vicinity.

Further research shows that this worm was a grasshopper parasite larva, lived in rivers, ponds or ditches. After copulate, larva will be released to water
and be eaten by grasshopper. This larva flowers inside insects. When mature, they separated. This creature is not a human,livestock or pets parasite and act no harm to human healthiness

Actually, this worm is also known as Gordian worm, from Nemathophoda families.


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