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A Trashed Painting Worth Million

A trashed painting which was founded by a woman on Manhattan's upper west side was later sold for over one million dollars. The woman, Elizabeth Gibson, was having a morning walk in 2003 when she spotted the painting in the trash. Although without any prior knowledge about art, she believed that this painting has power. She then tried his best to find any information about this paintings.

Her searching did not end in vain. After four years searching, she came across a site, "Antique Roadshows" which described a missing masterpiece stolen in 1989. The painting was known later as "Tres personajes", an abstract masterpiece by Rufino Tamaya (1899-1991).

A Trashed Painting Worth Million

The woman received $15,000 for returning the painting plus percentage from the painting selling which was sold to an unidentified American private collector for $1,049,000. This painting was originally bought by a Houston collector for $55,000 before it went missing when he was moving house.


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