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The world's most expensive nail polish

Nail into the lifestyle of modern women. Its function is no longer simply beautify the fingers and toes, but also indicates the wearer's social class.

Proved by the appearance of nail polish products 'the Models Own Gold Rush' for U.S.$ 132 thousand. Nail polish with a price 'exorbitant' aims to emphasize the economic power of the wearer.

What makes it expensive nail polish? Certainly not the raw material, because even though showing a shiny gold color, nail polish does not contain gold.

The world's most expensive nail polish

What makes the product expensive nail polish just the packaging? Just imagine, gold-colored nail polish is housed in a tiny glass bottle cap studded with 1118 diamonds. This exclusive product can be obtained at the boutique jewelry Frost of London, London, England.

The appearance of the product is even evocative of 'creativity' beauty industry players to make a replica. With the appearance as closely as possible, these counterfeit products will be marketed with a super-economical price i.e. ' 5.

So, if you are interested in buying an original or replica versions?
Source : Kaskus.us


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