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Inside Ins USA Air Force One

Actually, Air Force One is not a brand or type of aircraft. But Air Force One is a code name for the plane owned by U.S. Air Force (U.S. Air Force), which climbed by the President of the United States.
So all that such US-owned aircraft in an emergency ride to the president, then his name to "Air Force One". Code name serves to distinguish between aircraft that are being ridden with the American President who did not.

Inside Ins USA Air Force One

Likewise, when the American president to travel by land, known by the code name "Army One". Meanwhile while riding a helicopter (owned by U.S. Marine), then the code name is "Marine One".

Even so, the U.S. government still has a president and a special vehicle for each vehicle that has a code name. The vehicles are routinely used and later President of the American community known as Marine One (helicopter), Army One (armored vehicle), and Air Force One (the aircraft).

Its Origin And the ins and outs of Air Force One

The U.S. government began to think a presidential plane when the time of President Theodore Roosevelt in the 1910s. At that time, the duties of the President of the United States is getting more and need a special aircraft to support its performance.

Now, aboard Air Force One there are two pieces, all made by Boeing. Kind is the 740-200 jumbo jet engine with the serial number VC-25A. Two planes are almost identical, both color and shape. The difference lies in the number on the tail, namely 28 000 and 29 000.

Inside Ins USA Air Force One

Inside Ins USA Air Force One

Each plane has four jet engines CF6-80C2B1 electrically. Speed limit is between 630 and 700 miles per hour with a maximum flying height is 45,100 feet. Air Force One carrying 53,611 gallons of fuel and capable of around half the world without refueling in flight once.

If the White House President to work in the Oval Office, then in the Air Force One, the presidential compound called the Presidential Suite located on the front of the plane. In the area of 'belonging' president are available bedrooms, bathroom and lounge. Like an office, the president's senior staff was also given their own workspace. In addition it is also available with a fairly large conference room to discuss important matters.

In flight procedures they also have strict standards. Before Air Force One flying, thorough preparation done on this plane. All devices checked the plane, reportedly even the crew that was already selected, will be lodged for days at Andrew Air Force Base before the day of departure.

A few days before Air Force One landed at a destination, the U.S. Air Force first send a C141 Star lifter cargo plane. This aircraft contains van for the guards, presidential car, weapons and equipment. While in the air too, Air Force One will be escorted by at least two fighter planes.

To maintain security, ahead of the landing of Air Force One, the entire flight in the landing site will be clean. Nothing else should a plane landed before Air Force One landed smoothly.

Sometimes the flight line clearance takes at least half an hour or more. Since the troublesome procedures of Air Force One flight, no wonder these rare aircraft landed at a commercial airport, but at the air base.

Inside the aircraft, the President and his staff are in room 4000 square foot room that consists of three floors, including room suite for the office of President of a large, tub, and meeting rooms. Air Force One has a medical room suite that can serve as an operating room, and doctors permanently. The aircraft is also capable of preparing food for 100 people at once

In addition to the presidential plane, Air Force One could also function as a bunker fly. Until now nobody U.S. officials know the exact details of the parts inside. The aircraft is able to withstand the brunt of the missile attacks and nuclear electromagnetic pulses.

Thus, Air Force One is no longer just a presidential executive jet aircraft. This aircraft has increased the status of a bunker move that always suspect that any place that will stop off at a place that was safe and highly vulnerable to attack.

For that reason do not be surprised if the convoy planes, helicopters, transport vehicles and the U.S. President has also been arranged so that each potential murderer - including the journalists who chase fooled. Air Force One, for example, not allowed to visit a country alone. He is always accompanied by another aircraft that has a similar shape.

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