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The Drag Queen With the Mummy in Her Closet

The Drag Queen With the Mummy in Her Closet

In the documentary "Paris is Burning" there is one drag queen named Dorian Corey who is the motherly voice of reason throughout the film. Aside from her alleged murderous-in-self-defence past, they found a mummy in her closet after she died in the 90's, (if that sentence just intrigued you, but TW, it's not for the faint of heart), she was known for her talents in costume making. She made all of her gowns and capes to show off at the drag balls, and her closet was filled with her creations and her Harlem apartment was a beautifully cluttered mess of fabric and sequins. My favorite line she has in that movie, which has really stuck with me is in reference to how drag has changed from when she started to the present day then (the late 80's) , when everyone stopped making their own costumes and favored buying (or shoplifting) designer threads to show of instead. The famous line being "Now, it's not about what you can make, but what to can acquire".

I want this blog to be what I intended when I started, more of a creative outlet and inspiration hub rather than a "buy more stuff" initiative for anyone who wants to click on the link for those shoes that I wear in every single outfit post. I'm started to feel icky about it, and it contributes to making posting on here feel like homework, or a chore. And when that happens, let's face it, the content isn't as good. And though people clicking links in my posts lead to some commissions, it's totally not my main gig. It's pocket change, basically. A little extra something-something. So, being as blog is not my means os making a living, I don't feel like I should continue trying to treat it like one. Sometimes posting feels like an obligation, rather than a need to just put something cool out into the universe for anyone who wants to see it. I want to make something clear before moving forward: I'm not quitting blogging! Quite the opposite, I'm trying to make it better and more fun for everyone involved. I'm only going to do outfit posts when it feels right to do one, when I'm feeling inspired to do one. I'm feeling caught up the non-stop wanting of things, and doing outfit posts is a contributing factor to this feeling. It freaks me out. I have way more than enough clothes. I want to show off what Im rockin' because it's inspiring, I like to think of outfits as a collage that you wear. I don't want to be making blog posts that feed into fashion trends and the endless need for more STUFF. I wanna blog about outfits because they're creative, not because you should buy what I'm wearing. Still undecided on the my affiliate side bar which are those ads you see on the right. When people click those and then buy something, this girl right here makes a few cents. But I plan on calming down with the in-post links and all that. I'm also in no way trying to throw shade at any blogs that do choose to go this route, it just doesn't work for me personally. If you can make your blog your job, I think that's freakin' amazing, because I sure as hell can't do it. Liz from Delightfully Tacky just made this awesome post about her similar concerns, and it really got me thinking, because basically everything she said about blogging was exactly what I'm feeling. It was a real eye-opener, and I totally recommend you give it a read.

So in general, you can expect to see way more posts on my art work/design, DIYs, photography, mainly of things like my neighborhood and dwellings, as well as more content on being a self employed maker and working from home. Also, super random, I kinda wanna talk more about the music I'm listening to. What bands I'm currently obsessed with like shapes my life. So, back to the words of Dorian Corey, I want to talk more about what I can make than what I can acquire. I will do the occasional outfit, but but with less of a "look at what I bought/ was given to me as incentive by a company" feel to it. It's just not the vibe I wanna go for anymore, being as this is my outlet, and not a full time gig. I just want this to be a creative lil space for me to make fun and pretty posts, and for it to be as authentic as humanly possible. Cool? Cool.



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