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Insects Killer Instincts With the Strongest

We knows the insect as one type of living creature with the most population on this earth. Of the many insects, there are harmless, but some are dangerous.
Well, insects below may indeed designed as a perfect killing machine, even they may be far more efficient and better than other creatures.
These insects seem below is designed as the perfect killing machine. Indeed, most are harmless to humans, but some insects can cause serious injury to humans.

Robber flies:
Robber flies

We all must be familiar with flies flying around us. Flies are more commonly known as a carrier of germs, even from the school, the flies are considered as detrimental to the human animal. Flies that we often see at home is just one of many fly species ever found.

According to scientists, about 120,000 species of flies have been identified and some of them are deadly predators are completely different from the flies that we often encounter, and robber flies are one of them.

Robber flies

These flies have a keen vision, can fly at high speed, and catch its prey in midair. When the fly gets its prey, he will inject a neurotoxin and digestive juices through his mouth which is designed in such a way, then he will suck the prey body fluids to dry.
Almost all types of small insects are the prey of these flies, even the spider webs are not able to withstand the strong pace of these flies. Although these flies have a poison, but it is not harmful to humans, only if bitten by these flies, then the pain will be tremendous.

Tiger Beetles: 

Tiger Beetles

Everyone also knows if the cheetah is the fastest animal on earth capable of running up to 115 km / h. Compared with these tiger beetles, would be very much the comparison because the beetle is only capable of running at speeds up to 8 km / h.

But wait, if the size of the beetle is the same as the cheetah, the cheetah will then struggling to pursue this beetle because it is capable of running as fast as 500 kilometers / h and will probably replace the cheetah as the fastest animal on earth, even the mass-made supersport cars would be difficult after him.
That glimpse of the ability of these beetles. I was so fast he moves, until he had to stop several times to determine the location of prey.

Tiger Beetles

Once he determines the location of prey, he ran quickly to grab prey. Besides relying on speed as a weapon to kill prey, the beetle also has a strong jaw.
Because of its exceptional ability, the beetle is used by humans to control pests such as caterpillars, grasshoppers and other insects.



Termite insect is certainly not a stranger to us. Animals are believed to be a blood pressure-lowering drugs should not be underestimated. Maybe for us termites only a small insect which is unique because the movement of a unique way, ie backwards.

However, for insects are smaller such as ants, termites are ferocious predators that must be avoided. Termite itself is a larval stage before metamorphosis perfect.
Usually termites are found in sandy places due to their anatomy and way of moving termites are very suitable for trapping in a sandy place.
Termites will wait grounded funnel-shaped trap, and when there is an insect that unlucky because of a fall in the trap, the insects will be difficult to escape.


Because the trap is located in sandy areas, then the prey will be difficult to ride because it will slip again and be fine termites. If you are curious, please see the picture termite nest on top of this, if there are ants that happen to get into his trap, then you will see how it kills its prey insects perfectly.

Insect Killer:
Insect Killer

Insect killer is a type of insect that has the ability to kill the best among other insects. There are many kinds, but most are harmless to humans.

Oh yes, these insects have their own specialty in killing prey. There are species that only kills the spider, there is also the only hunting ants and flies.
Insect killer armed with the mouth shaped like a needle, which serves to inject saliva that kill. Water will digest the eggs of this organ in the prey.

Insect Killer

Like other insects are not able to eat the prey directly, these insects suck the prey body fluids. Not pictured is not what if the animal is huge.

Grasshoppers Worship: 

Grasshoppers Worship

Praying mantis is one of the best insect killer with physical support which support it as a true predator. Although the species is also widely, but the praying mantis or mantis is famous for its forelegs designed specifically to capture prey.

Grasshoppers Worship

These insects rely on camouflage to wait for its prey with its body and when prey through, he will soon be ambushed by a high speed. Mantises usually prey on animals - small animals. These insects are also known to eat their prey directly, but he also has a strong jaw.

Bees Tigers:
Bees Tigers

This giant-sized bees are insects that live in Asia. Insects which are the mortal enemy of a praying mantis have a sting that is large enough to kill a large spider like tarantulas. These bees possess a higher dose of venom from any bee, which can result in death for humans if stung by bees in large quantities.

Bees Tigers

In Japan alone, this bee kills at least 40 people in a year and makes people scared. Bees sting Tigers actually only use as a defense, and to hunt prey, they use powerful jaws to kill smaller prey.
There is a story about bees, a beekeeper from the European honey bee Tigers try to combine this with a kind of honey bees in order to cross the two types of bees for the production of more honey bees because of the size of a tiger bigger than honeybees.
But what happened? Bees tiger which amounted to only a few are destroying all of the honey bee colony in just a few days.

Additional comments from my friends
from bopfive5:

I saw him on television yesterday, Bees Tigers could kill thousands of honeybees with ferocity, just as quickly kill enemies honey farmers. unique before killing him to send spies, honeybees had set him up anyway, Bees Tiger in there later invite the incoming signal of honey bees who only shook his body, constantly surrounded Bees in Tiger, not bite or sting, and hundreds of body friction movement struggles it can generate heat and kill the tiger, the Tiger can come out if bees hive of honeybees / escape, honey bee hive will be destroyed, sorry want to share as well.

No one was left of honey bees, all bees were killed by a tiger, while the European honey bee colonies amounted to about 30,000 bees. Maybe that's portrayal of how ferociously these bees, but bees are not the strongest types of bees because of the Japanese honeybee has tricks and special way to kill this tiger bee.

First they would encircle the bees of this tiger, and then by relying on their numbers are many, they form a dense ball-shaped formations, and swarms of bees surrounded the tiger.

Japanese honey bees then begin to flap their wings faster, causing heat in the formation of the ball until the temperature reached 47 degrees Celsius.

At this temperature, tiger bee trapped in the formation of solid ball was not going to survive and will die slowly. Proverb sky above the sky still seems really suited to this story.


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