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8 Amazing Ability of Infant Brain

Babies may be small and unable to converse with adults, but babies proves that they have the intelligence and extraordinary brainpower. There are at least eight amazing ability of the infant brain. What?

Here are 8 amazing ability of the infant brain, as reported by LiveScience, Thursday (06/30/2011):

1. Know who's boss

Since the age of 10 months, your baby can understand the social hierarchy. When shown a scene presenting a cartoon figure of big and small that are interacting, the baby will understand that the big figure is the boss.

These findings have been published in January 2011 in the journal Science, which suggests that infants understand the social hierarchy and know the size that, can determine who is responsible.

2. Understand the mood and emotion

although babies can not talk, he'll know when you feel sad. Infants aged 5 months to accurately distinguish the tone upbeat and gloomy, according to a study published in the journal Neuron in 2010.

3. Born to dance

Talking about music, babies can not resist. Not just their ears tuned to the beat, the baby actually can dance with the bar, according to a study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in 2010.

Babies shaking arms, hands, legs, torso and head in response to more music than talk.

4. Reflection of the actions of others

not surprising when you see something extraordinary in the eyes of a baby. Babies can imitate the actions you take, because according to a study published in Biology Letters 2009, researchers found that the motor area is active at the age of 9 months is acting as a mirror neuron.

5. Learning quickly when sleeping

Baby was able to learn even during sleep, according to the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2010. In experiments with 26 infants sleep, scientists play a musical tone followed by a puff of air into their eyes for half an hour 200 times.124 electrodes attached to the scalp and the baby's face to record brain activity during the experiment.

The result, babies quickly learn to anticipate the puff of air after hearing the tone, showing a fourfold increase on average in the possibility of tightening the eyelids in response to sound at the end of each session.

6. As highly skilled mathematics

Infants can distinguish between two and three, according to a study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in 2006.

7. Babies easily learn languages in the world

"Newborns can be said to be 'intelligent' because they have the ability to almost effortlessly learn any language in the world," said psychologist George Hollich of Purdue University.
Some studies show that babies begin to understand the grammar, processing grammar and words simultaneously at the age of 15 months.

8. Understanding dog emotions

even before baby can say 'mama' and 'papa', baby dogs can decipher emotions. A 2009 study showed that babies aged 6 months may sound angry shouting match or friendly with only shown pictures of dogs with the appropriate body language. The study was published in the journal Developmental Psychology.


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