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The Mystery Of Time

Going back to the past, is the most impossible thing to do. theoretically, to go back to the past is not impossible. According to Albert Einstein, Time and space could experience modification. space can me shorten and time can be slower.

At The year 1994, an Italian civil plane flew across Africa shores. Suddenly the operator at the Control room said that the aircraft has disappeared. When everybody is fretful, the aircraft came out at the radar screen. this plane landed safely at the airport in Italia but the pilot and the 315 passengers didn't about the vanishing incident.

When checked at the airport every passengers time is slow 20 minutes. although it's rare to find such incidents but in 1970 a passenger jet 727 , unexplainable, disappeared for 10 minutes in his flight to Miami International Airport. The passengers didn't know what had happened. at last they believed after they saw their clock, "it's slower 10 minutes.The only explanation to these phenomena, according to experts, "at the "vanishing" period, time is "stopping", or in other words, "time can be drew back".

The Mystery Of Time
The Mystery Of Time

modern coin found in ancient temple
The mistery of go back in time happened again back in 4000 years ago in ancient eqypt:

a silver coin of modern civilization that has not been circulated, were buried in the bottom of the sun god. at that time, an archeology team formed by French, arrival at the edge of nil river for scientific research. they found the temple and while excavating the wreckage, the archaeologist found a silver coin buried in the soil. but strangely, it's not an Egypt coin but an American. and it's getting weird that the coin is not from ancient America but nowadays America.

it was the coin worth 25 cents which is casted but yet to be published and still kept in the treasury of united states. why the coin was found at the temple. the scientist is confused too.

A top secret report from NATO
at 1982, in a flying training at eastern Europe, a pilot saw hundred of dinosaurs in his sight, unexpectedly the pilot arrived at the prehistoric Africa plain. in a flight, a pilot also experienced the same thing but he went back to German war during the world war II. just in a minute he came back to reality.

Time Trail of Titanic
Two survivors of titanic incidents was found in a good condition. a female passenger (1990) and the captain of the ship at 1991.

Captain smith was founded at august 9th 1991, a year after a female survivor was located in a n ice mountain named Wenny Kathe, she was located after decades of floating on the sea but that didn't made her old and weak. meanwhile, captain smith although he had aged 139 year, but he was still look like 60 year old man when he was founded. instead, he said that this is the time when Titanic sink around 15 April 1912. the identification of fingerprint proved the genuine of the captain.

Wenny Kathe who was saved in a clump of ice,363 km south west of Iceland, in north Atlantic ocean at 24 September 1990. the sailing office has identified her named as one of the titanic passengers.

John Buckally, in his observation of time travel, conclude his hypothesis of time travel.
In one of Buddha sayings :" one day in heaven, but thousands day in earth", have a thoughtful truth


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