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How to make straight hair curly

How to make straight hair curly - A beauty-conscious woman understands how important it is to have a perfect hairstyle for a flawless look. She knows very well that his efforts on choosing the right dress, make-up, face wear and other accessories can completely go in vain if the hair is styled accordingly.

Clothes classic, traditional demand curly hair for that gorgeous appearance and elegant. Moreover, as for the general observation, ladies with curly hair look thinner, younger and more attractive than those of the same age, but with straight hair. Curly hair adds grace and charm to any outfit more. There are styles of haircuts and lots of ideas for women who like to experiment. Those who are born with straight hair natural are really hard to curl up. Even if they are capable of rolling in some way, the effect does not last long. If you are someone who is desperate to have curly hair or at least for some special occasion, there are several ways to achieve it. Below mentioned are some methods on how to straighten curly hair at home.

How to make straight hair curly

How to make straight hair curly with braids?

Using braids is the best answer to your question "how to make long straight hair curly?" Yes, braid hairstyles can easily make straight and long curly hair. While this method will not produce the effect in a couple of minutes and it will take at least 8-10 hours, the effect would surely be amazing and long lasting. Since, this method of braids is a bit 'of time taking, requires your patience and tolerance.

To start with this technique, apply a cup of milk on your hair. Leave for about 10 minutes. Rinse well with water. Milk smoothes and softens the hair, and thus facilitates the work to make straight hair curly. After removing milk, wash your hair with a mild shampoo and then cover your hair with a cotton towel. It would absorb the extra water. Brush your hair with a wide tooth comb gently. Remove any tangles. You can also make use of a cream detangler. Separate your hair into sections 10-15. Make braids till the end with each section. Lock the braids by tying a rubber band or ponytail holder at the end. Holding in this manner for at least 8-10 hours. It would be better if you try this method to straighten curly hair at night, as you spend time to sleep.

The next morning, or after completion of the recommended period of time, open the braids by gently moving your fingers through his hair. You might find that the thin curls were formed in the hair. Comb your hair again with a wide-toothed brush to look for yourself that you have been longing for so long spectacular. Now, next time find ways on how to straighten curly hair, of course, you have an idea feasible and executable.

How to make straight hair curly iron Curling?

If you find the above method too laborious and time-consuming, so do not worry at all. Curling iron can solve this purpose for you. It takes almost 30 minutes to straighten curly hair. But, you would need to work a little '. You can take it as a cost for beauty. Comb your hair well when dry and remove all nodes. Separate the entire hair into small sections, approximately 8-9 if your hair is thin and soft, and 15-16 if your hair is thick and coarse. Take one section, roll it on a small iron stick and then blow dry. Do the same for all the other sections of hair. You can use rubber bands to hold the hair on the iron rods. Leave for half an hour. For lasting results, open and comb your hair after you are done with dressing and applying make-up or in other words, they are ready to go for special occasions. This one of the best long hair that a woman can give herself.

How to make straight hair curly with Curling shampoo and conditioner?

The market is flooded with products for hair care. Even shampoos and conditioners that can make straight hair curly are widely available. Search in your nearest shops beauty. These curling shampoos and conditioners are built to the types of hair. They are different for oily hair, normal and dry. Get one suitable for your hair type, read all instructions for proper use and follow. These hair products are based on certain chemical substances, so as not to check for their effect on the hair for at least a month. If all goes well, then proceed further with its use or finds another that fits you best. Always follow the advice for the care of curly hair otherwise your efforts would go in vain. The maintenance is very important to have a long-lasting hairstyle.

All the above procedures on how to straighten curly hair are effective and can be easily tried at home. Select one out of these methods to make straight hair curly. Use various councils styling curly hair to give that look dazzling and classy.


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