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Changes in Appearance for Cheating Man

There are many poems that reveal the feelings of a victim heartbroken and history is more eloquent of Narcissus of Greek mythology

Narcissus rejects the affection of those who loved him and one of his victims begged for him to fall in love and get love back, as a way of punishment. What interesting it is that the story emphasizes its insensitivity to others, and his indulgence of self © unaware regardless of others' feelings.

As an answer to prayer, looking at a swamp of water, suddenly he falls in love with his reflection. Want to hug him, the reflection soon fades away as a flower.

For the victim refused, the kind an end could be a reassuring one, and right now there are three people who would like to see someone suffer, and their joy would be complete if someone could fade away, maybe in a kind of leaves and eaten alive.

The male peacock stimulates the feathers so that the courts can mate, and surprisingly the female replies in the same way. In general, this rule is also valid in the case of men infidelity: if his clothes, personal hygiene and accuracy seem to change. When you look at the lack of wedding ring or lipstick marks on the neck, you should be aware, because © this are also signs of cheating.

When infidelity exists, it is obvious if the husband looks for a new hairstyle, renews her wardrobe, in order to create a new attitude suitable for a new story.

When he asks "And 'my husband cheating?" He gave some problem has occurred, and it's required a special sense, a sixth sense that allows women to intuit her husband deeds and this feeling is valid. A closer look will soon turn out variations in style, manner and behavior and possible nervousness, that will confirm or cancel doubts.

He could be faithful

It 's true, a drastic change in appearance can be determined by infidelity, but there are other reasons besides betrayal.

look someone could change because of vanity, but also envy that today is directly related to the physical appearance of any person, youth, beauty and strength.

Modern democracy encourages the belief that everyone is able to deer and realize their dreams through personal transformation and rebirth of ourselves. A long time ago was shown that physical appearance is directly linked and influences moral worth, both internally and externally, as in the fairy tale of Cinderella or the Ugly Duckling.

Finally, in the 20th century Viennesse psychologist Alfred Adler has brought precious evidence regarding the connection between physical and mental health, harmony must be maintained so that our self-esteem and ego to be in a normal level.

If your man has this attitude and behavior, it does not mean that cheating is positive, but suffering from a condition that most people do, and you have groped to help him retrieve his personal identity and recover his place in this world.


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