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Because I can not trust my Spouse: 5 Signs They Are Cheating

The person that we get married is supposed to be the one that we have more confidence in the world. After all, did not our marriage vows include a line or two about trust and loyalty? So, when you are in a situation where you do not fully trust your spouse, it can be disconcerting to say the least.

When we face the loss of confidence of someone we love, it can be difficult to put your finger on exactly why not have more confidence in them. It may be something in the way they act. What they say - or not say. Regardless of how you come to the realization that we have more confidence in our spouse, it can be a very painful realization, indeed. It leads to thoughts of the worst of nature, such as wondering if he or she can cheat. Would not it be nice to know the truth? Only by knowing the truth will be able to do something about it.

If you are wondering: "Why I can not believe my spouse?" Here are 5 signs that may be cheating:

1. Their plan seems to include missing:

The term "missing time" has become popularized by modern stories of UFO abduction. But, it can be applied in a much more commonplace in our daily life. In other words, when our spouse tells their day or week for us, but it leaves a bit 'out large chunks of time. Perhaps not entirely destroy it, but kind of gloss over key parts. This type of behavior, though frequent, it could mean that they are covering something going on behind his back.

2. They return home with strange scents on their clothing:

If you have noticed that your spouse smells differently recently, you might have initially chalked them maybe have a new employee, with strong perfume or cologne. Or maybe they suddenly friendship with a smoker somewhere along the way. Or, maybe they are often returned home the smell of an Italian restaurant (you know the smell) but not remember having any fettuccine recently. Of course, the presence of a new smell on your spouse may simply be a sign of something absolutely benign. Or, it could mean that something is happening right under your nose.

3. They do not look in the eye when you say you love:

If your spouse seems to give you eye contact less recently, which could be a sign that something is up. Eye contact is a subtle but important part of human communication. Turn your back on your eyes a bit 'too early it could be a sign that your spouse is hiding something in his heart that does not want you to see. The next time you are with your spouse, try his or her eyes just for an extra second or two more long than you normally do and see how they react.

Because I can not trust my Spouse: 5 Signs They Are Cheating

4. They fumble their words when asked if they were:

Of course, nobody likes to be checked on every few minutes or hours: we all need our private moments. Yet, when you ask your spouse about their day, he or she is expected to be open enough to respond to this question. If your spouse is consistent with pursed lips on this point, it may be cause for concern.

5. You start the love in irregular patterns:

Most couples who have been married for some time - for better or worse to fall - in a fairly regular pattern of lovemaking. If your relationship had reached that point, but now is your spouse want to make love much less or much more often for no apparent reason - it could be a sign that something is happening.

Not being able to trust your spouse can be disturbing. The worst thing is the suspicion that they may be cheating. If your spouse has one or more of these signs that are cheating, it's time to get to work to fix your relationship.


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